Aubrey O'Day Gets Robbed For Her Clothes

Trouble has once again found our friend Ms. O'Day. This time it found her without any clothes too... not like that's abnormal, but ya'll know what I'm trying to say. Aubrey O'Day was apparently the victim in a robbery this morning in L.A. O'Day told TMZ.com that "she was robbed this morning while on her way to film a segment for the TV Guide Channel."

Aubrey says she was walking down an alley near the building where she was to shoot her segment when "someone ran behind me and stole everything I was holding" -- including an expensive dress by designer Zac Posen. Left without a proper outfit, Aubrey says she was forced to wear whatever the TV Guide people had handy.

Now you know how she carries that dog everywhere, fortunately nothing happened to her (the dog) her makeup artist was holding her.

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