The Baller Never Learn!

When will these boys learn that the grass ain't always greener on the other side? Hell... usually that shit is burnt and 'bout ready to catch on fiyah! But... I won't lay all the blame on the fellas... some of these money hungry chicks are the problem as well. Willing to comprise themselves and what they stand for just for the sake of sayin "I f*cked a baller!" And sometimes the whole damn thing can go too far. Case in point...

Folks in candyland meet Chris Chambers... NFL wide-receiver for the San Diego Chargers. It looks like Mr. Chambers got more than he bargained for when he decided to step out on his wife. Chris’ long time mistress Stacey Saunders, 27 (below) has been stalking Chris and his wife and even went as far as to tell folks that she's pregnant (maybe) with Chris' baby. Chris had to take out a temporary restraining order on this girl just to protect himself and his wife. WOW genius... a little late to "protect" anyone ain't it? Anyways, From the looks of Ms. Saunders' criminal record, baby girl has been at this type of thing for a while. She's got charges ranging from domestic violence, battery, aggrevated assault, stalking, and many other things

Here is the story that I peeped out over on YBF.com on the situation.

Stacey Saunders has relentlessly harassed and threatened Chambers’ wife, sister and mother-in-law for the last 3 months through vulgar and explicit emails, text messages and phone calls/ voicemail messages. Included in these messages are repulsive comments about Chambers’ own 2 year old son and wife who have been together 11 years and married for nearly 3 years. Mrs. Chambers currently has a case against the woman. Mrs. Chambers also reached out to the media for help in obtaining an order of protection against this woman. Mrs. Chambers has also been forced to upgrade the security system on their home and hire private security to sit outside the home after Stacey Saunders threatened to show up. According to sources, Chambers continued to pursue a relationship with this woman despite her threats and harassment to his family. Only recently has Chambers signed a request for a permanent restraining order against Stacey Saunders after she repeatedly called the Chargers’ practice facility making derogatory comments about Chambers. She even threatens to reveal information about Chambers’ private life on the internet if he does not comply with her financial demands.

Stacey Saunders also claims to have given birth to a child fathered by Chambers in November 2008 insisting that it died at 2 months old. A private investigator found, however, that no birth or death certificate exists for the alleged child confirming that Saunders faked an entire pregnancy, birth, and death for the nonexistent child. Chambers’ had never seen the alleged child. Stacey Saunders alleges that she is once again pregnant by Chambers, but sources speculate that this is a false pregnancy also. She also claims to have been a dental hygenist, but there is no record of her ever having a dental hygenist license in the state of Florida.


Anonymous said...

I have the real scoop on this story the wife got mad because he left her for a batter looking chick and she couldn't handle the fact that she is getting better treatment. She even threaten to commit suicide if he did leave his mistress.

Anonymous said...

Chris Chambers married Stacey Saunders on 7/24/2010
I guess this story was a cry for help from the now ex-wife she couldn’t handle
the fact that he was raised his standards and found true love check out the pictures at the link below. Congrats to the newly weds.