Bow Wow Wants Out!

Seems like everybody is jumping ship these days. Or could it be the fact that technology coupled with this friggin recession is finally taking its toll on folks pockets? I don't know ya'll. Bow Wow is the latest rapper to cry uncle in regards to getting out from under their label.

Even after he said that he was officially retiring from the music game (I swear I'm not the only one who wishes he was seriouis about that idea), he went out and got his behind on his favorite speaking board, namely YouTube, and made a plea to the folks over at Columbia to let him out of his contract.

“Number one, Columbia has been messin’ up since 2004-2005,” he explained. “I think Columbia’s problem is that they don’t know how to work with rappers…I’m really the only rapper on that label…My labelmates consist of John Legend who they work extremely well with, Beyonce who they work extremely well with, but when it comes to rappers they’re not really a rap label, they don’t get it.”

Bow even took a stab at the Memphis boys Three 6 Mafia "They got Three 6 Mafia, but when is the last time that Three 6 Mafia have put out a successful album? You can’t really blame the artists because the label is the energy.”

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