Dwayne Wade Sues Former Business Partner

I guess Dwayne Wade is taking a cue from his girlfriend Gabriel Union in terms of legal woes. Seems Dwayne has been having some issues with a former business partner. According to TMZ, Wade recently filed a $100 million lawsuit against Baron Richard von Houtman for slandering his name and libel (false statement of fact that injures someone's reputation)

Wade says the Baron alledgedly informed the Miami Heat head coach that Wade had been using performance enhancement drugs and cocaine. In the court papers, Wade says it should be obvious Houtman is a lair, simply because of his bogus use of the Baron title. Here's what he says in the suit:

"Despite the abolition of the monarchies at the beginning of the 20th century, and notwithstanding that the defendant did not begin using the alias "von Houtman" until sometime around 1995, the makeover of the defendants identity was not complete until 1998. "Given the lack of any historical record ... it is the defendants own grandiose vision of himself that motivated the use of the title or, perhaps, an intention to falsely communicate to others a sense of prestige."

Ooooook.... I'm lost. Where do the lies come in to play about Wade? Anyways, Wade and Houtman were business partners that attempted to establish a chain of restaurants called D. Wades Place. But before anything could be put together completely, the Baron tried to sue Wade for not coming through on his end of marketing obligations. When it was all said and done, only two restaurants were opened via the partnership and later closed. Houtman sued Wade in 2008 over the business deal gone wrong. Now, Wade is returning the favor.

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