Eye Candy vs Mind Candy... Which Will Win The Man Over?

Now ya'll know as well as I do that before there was a J-Lo or a Beyonce, mainstream media didn't even take a second look at a woman that had hips and thighs. It was all about the 5'7-5'9 chick that weighed a buck 110... and that was after she had eaten an apple for breakfast. Now... it's all about the booty. You see booty everywhere you go- Videos, movies, commercials, billboards... everywhere!

It's hard for even us women to avoid looking at a big behind. The initial reaction from anyone is simply (in my best Chris Tucker/Ice Cube - Friday voice) "Daaaaaaaaaaaaaamn!!!" You look at the video chicks like Angel Lola Luv and Buffy The Body and you have to wonder were these girls really born with all that behind them or was it earned or was it paid for??? Don't get me wrong, I'm not hating on the ladies that have plenty of ass to go around... by no means am I doing that, but I just want to ask the question because it just doesn't look authentic on some of these women. But my annoyance is not with the women with the voluptuous posterior, but with the men who thinks that having an ass is the end all to be all.

Why must my assets literally be the deciding factor on whether or not you date me? Are you dating my ass? Is my ass going to cook your meals or clean your home or keep you warm at night? Well... wait a minute... strike that last one, but ya'll see what I'm getting at here. It seems that men don't even care about a womans mental capabilities but that she just have a big ass that looks good in some applebottom jeans. I don't get it. The infatuation with big asses has gotten to the point where these women are going out and purchasing ass. I mean really!!! They're getting butt implants, butt shots, and butt lifts all because ass is all the rage now. So what happens when men are no longer infatuated with the power of the booty and they move on to something else?

Let's face it... Men are visual creatures and Men love assets. Whether it be ass, breasts, thighs... whatever!!! The bigger the better. But... just don't have a big gut to accompany any of those assets or your game is done! I mean what's the deal with this? Why do men generally view women as a piece of meat? If place any woman in the path of a group of men, she is undoubtedly going to get ogled. She's going to be assessed from the front first (obviously) but what they're waiting on is that back shot! If you placed five men in a group I guarantee they will all look at her ass and determine whether or not they will talk to her simply based off of that feature. Naturally they're men... and that's what men do. But why not determine this womans attainability off of what she may potentially have to offer on a mental level and not just physical?

It’s an complex phenomena, where the root is untraceable and the end is unforeseeable. And you know what? The chick doesn’t even have to be a looker. A good asset will turn even the most beauty-challenged females into objects worthy of capture to men. Is this an inborn trait or something that is acquired through the perverse inclinations of society? As much as I’d like to think that I’m not a pawn of culture, the truth of the matter is that in some respects, we are all very much pawns.

The anatomy of the female body is a beautiful piece of art. Nobody would dare disdain the aesthetics of van Gogh or Warhol, just as a man (or woman in some cases) wouldn’t shun the beauty of a female shape or the male physique. To do that would be absurd. A male coworker one time bought it to my attention that despite me having "hips for days" as he put it, I have a beautiful face and an ample bosom that makes up for my lack of a "boomasity" (that's what my auntie Patsy used to call it). So that's why I get hit on regularly and don't experience some of the things other women do because they are lacking in the back.

Its widely known now that nobody wants a bone but a dog- so thick is in... for the time being. I'm sure it's a fad like everything else is. But what it boils down to is SEX. It’s always about sex. A big booty is more handy in the horizontal world than the vertical. To call that thinking shameful is too easy and to write it off as human nature is too enabling. It is merely a result of a value system that is out of whack. What do you value in a relationship more: eye candy or mind candy?

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