Lil Wayne Pays Homage To Kobe

Just hours before the LA Lakers hit their hometown court to play the Orlando Magic in game 1 of the NBA finals, New Orleans rapper and metaphor extraordinaire Lil Wayne got in the booth and quickly spit a cool 16 about Kobe Bryant.

Lil’ Wayne made it very clear who he was rooting for. The Multi-platinum rapper and ESPN.com blogger released a new song on Wednesday night (June 3) simply titled “Kobe Bryant.” The new track opens with sound bites attesting to Kobe’s domination of the game, starting with Bryant expressing how he is driven by his desire to be the best. Throughout the song, Wayne praises the Lakers superstar, calling him “King Bryant” and drawing comparisons between themselves.

Obviously having picked up some verbiage from the guys at ESPN, Weezy addresses everything from Bryant’s crossover and jumper. In one line, Lil’ Wayne even foreshadowed the results of last night’s match up, rapping “I drop 40 on your double team.” Bryant contributed 40 points to the Lakers’ 100-75 victory over the Magic on Thursday (June 4).

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