Tameka Foster Tweets Venom At Blogger

Uhhhh, how old are you again Tameka? Don't you have a family you need to be tending to? Anyways... Tameka Foster-Raymond, wife of R&B singer Usher, is once again refuting infidelity rumors, but this time she did it on her Twitter page... just like everybody else nowadays.

The 38-year-old mother of five got into a heated "posting war" with a Twitter follower who questioned why her husband was spotted checking into a hotel with an unidentified woman.
"Your friends have been dropping hints about you and Usher all along. Umm, why isn't your husband following you on Twitter?" The blogger asked.

Foster-Raymond, who initially brushed off the comments, eventually responded directly to the heckler.
"You're an angry woman. I don't know who hurt you, but it wasn't me. I will pray for you. I'm happy & life is GOOD for me! Enjoy yours."

The "mystery woman" who was spotted in Malibu with Usher, set the rumor mill abuzz with claims of an alleged affair. Speculation grew even more after it was reported that the singer was not wearing his wedding ring. The woman was later identified as an product manager, who was meeting with the Grammy winner for business purposes. This information however did little to convince the blogger... or any of us for that matter.

Whatever 'Meka Boo!

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