Tony Rock Tells Improv Crowd Lisa Raye Is the Reason for "All of Us" Demise

I ain't even mad at Tony Rock for keepin it real on this one. Tony let it all out at The Impov in Washington, D.C. last night. Tony let everybody know his straight up and down dislike for his former castmate LisaRaye.

During Tony's stand-up act, someone in the audience yelled out, “Hey Tony what ever happen to your TV show “All Of Us?”... and how did Tony respond? Check it out:

“What happened? Oh I’ma keep it real….. that bitch LisaRaye! That b*tch LisaRaye got married to that fake prince dude from that Island and decided that she didntt want to do the show no more. She just said F**k the rest of us. Then dude cheated on her, beat her ass and now their divorced! I’m telling y’all karma is real….”

I don't make this stuff up ya'll!!!

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