Tyrese Likes His Name On Your Ass

There is nothing more that I hate to see than a man's name tattoo'd on someone's anything! Your father's name... understandable. Your son... understandable. Your dearly departed brother/friend/fav cousin/fav uncle, or whomever... cool. But your dude... Nope! Not I. Sorry if some of you get mad! Oh well. This is just how I feel about the issue. But Tyrese wants you to tattoo his name on your ass... not like he wants you to go out and do it today or nothin, but yeah... I'm sure he wouldn't mind it. Check what 'Chocolate Ty' had to say on it:

“I love seeing my name on a woman’s butt,” the buff rapper and “Transformers” star, who sports 70 tattoos himself, tells Inked magazine. “Ladies, if you want to impress me when you meet me, I need to see my name on your right cheek.” He adds: “Girls have had tattoos of my face. One girl went and got her ass tattooed on her right arm . . . It’s important to keep things tasteful.”

Yeah ok Tyrese! I'm willing to put money on it that the next groupie will be out doin that -ish tonight!

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