Why Would ANY Woman Want To Become A Man?

Oh... that's right... she's a lesbian... or wait... don't the butchy ones like to be called tops? I don't know anymore. I've heard them called so many different names it's no wonder they're so damn confused. Sorry for those of you who take offense, but it is what it is.

Well, for those of you who know of Cher aka the gay man's "queen", ironically, her daughter is a lesbian who wants to become a man while she's going balls out! LOL!!! Sorry, I couldn't help it.

While Chastity Bono is opting to change genders, she's also looking for a network to follow her journey through the whole process. But get this... her moms publicist lied about the whole thing because they were hoping that no one would pick it up. Don't they know that all they did was make the networks more curious if mommy dearest is going to these lengths to hide it?

TMZ today confirms the semi-stunning news that Chastity has decided to undergo a sex-change operation. Too fab! Even though most knew of this months ago, it's just cool that this is what is going to make Chastity happy and... settled with her/his decision in switching her female condition to his male, as Bono's rep has confirmed.

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