Al B. Sure Is Hummin Cummin At'Cha!!!

Well Al. B. damned!!! (corny... I know). The king of 80's R&B drop them drawls music is back and In Full Effect <---If you're a real fan, you caught that.

I had heard for a while now that Al B. Sure was back in the studio pumpin out the tracks, but hadn't anything until this latest single. The single is titled "I Love It (Papi Aye Aye Aye)." Despite the long ass title, the song is Al B. at his best.

His voice has matured quite a bit as well. Nice mellow musical arrangement to accompany his smooth tone! Nice way to come back on the scene Al! We missed you! Check out the single and the the album sampler <---here.

The new album titled Honey, I'm Home drops June 23rd.

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