Andre 3000 Thinks Rap Is Just Fine Like It Is

Ohhhhhhh! If I wasn't a diehard Andre Benjamin fan, I'd be jonin on this picture sooooo hard!!! But I won't because he's my boy and I love him! Anyways, as I've stated many times over, I'm a lover of hip hop, and so is Mr. Benjamin.

Andre 3000 recently sat down with Vibe magazine and gave his opinion of the current state of today's rap music. When asked if he thought that today's rap music was hurting the hip hop scene, his response was,
“Nothing is wrong with rap at all. And the reason why I say that is because at any given time, you got to love rap because the only thing rap has ever said to people is “we gon’ tell how it is.” That’s the only thing that they’ve ever said. They didn’t say, “We gon’ sell a million records.” They didn’t say, “We gon’ get these endorsement deals”- none of that. Rap was always “I’m just gon’ tell it like it is…So my message to all the kids doing it is do it now because this is the only chance you’re going to get to do it…because you going to start getting older and you going to start editing yourself.”

Andre 3000 did go on to say he doesn’t listen to much new music. “Ain’t nobody rapping no more, everybody singing,” he said in an interview. “I’m just going to be honest with you: I listen to old music. I don’t even listen to rap that much, and not in a Kanye West-I don’t listen to rap no more-kind of way, but I listen to what I’m working on and old, old rap.”

That is definitely what's up!

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