Jeezy, TI & Kanye Jump On the Video Game Band Wagon

We all saw the pics and have heard the stories and Jay-Z and Eminem being one of the driving forces behind the latest video game craze in the upcoming “DJ Hero”, and once that news broke, er'body wanted to get a piece of the pie.

Young Jeezy, T.I., and Kanye West have also garnered positions in the newest game coming out called “Rapstar” video game, a direct competitor for “DJ Hero.”

“Rapstar” will be made by the newly formed 4mm Games, a company created in part by two co-founders of Rockstar Games. In the game, a performance is recorded using cameras for the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360. Once a song is complete, players can then take a 30-second clip and upload it to the Rapstar online community.

An Executive Vice President at the company says the game will allow fans to create “the music video of the next generation that stars you.” Other features included in the game will be a Battle mode (where players alternate rhyming lyrics to score the most points) and Freestyle mode (that lets players perform their own raps and songs over instrumental tracks).

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