Baby Sued For Unpaid Shoe Royalties

Well well well... what have we here? Cash Money Prez and CEO, Bryan "Baby" Williams is being sued for $200k in royalties. All over the Birdman shoes he's put out with Lugz.

Jari Kuosma who is owner of a Nebraska skydiving apparel store called "Birdman" gave the o-k to Lugs back in 2004 . In exchange, Kuosma was to receive 35% of the royalties from the sales that were paid to Cash Money. Three years later, Kuosma decided to end the agreement but he had still not been paid. I'm just trying to figure out how is "Birdman" YOUR own trademarked name???

In 2008, Cash Money and Lugz acknowledged over $500k in paid royalties, meaning Kuosma was owed $217,992.39. Despite a settlement arrangement where the lump sum was to be broken up into payments, Kuosma says he still hasn't been paid. He is now suing for what he is owed "plus interest, costs and fees as allowed by law."

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