Buffie The Body Tells All!

More Video hoesVixen's expose their lives and all they've endured through life. This time, Buffie Carruth aka Buffie the Body, has written a book titled Vixen Icon. Here is an exerpt from the book as she talks about how she felt in high school about her body:

"I often got depressed because I wasn't thick,'' Carruth writes. "All my life through school, I've noticed that girls had to be cute and pretty, or you had to be fine as hell with some ass and hips to be an 'in' girl. Even if you didn't have big breasts, it was cool as long as you had some ass. I didn't have any breasts, no ass, and no hips and that shit made me feel so insecure. I looked like a damn boy!''

Buffie also gives us an inside look at how she got her now infamous backside that's got all of the brothas droolin and some of you women too! In the book, she tells the readers about a visit to the doctor who she calls "Dr. X," whose office was 25 miles from her home. Supposedly this myseterious doc gave her the magic formula to help her gain weight in all the right places. She explains that Dr. X gave her a list of foods, including peanut butter and pasta, along with a prescription for an unnamed liquid appetite stimulant.

Even though she had her doubts as to if this stuff would work, she went through with it all anyways:

"Believe it or not, in less than 2 weeks, I had already started noticing a weight gain!'' she writes. "My ass, hips and thighs were the first parts of my body to receive this blessing. I noticed a little weight gain in my stomach area, too, but not enough to get alarmed by. It was like my ass and thighs just took off and left the rest of my body. My body started changing so fast that it seemed like it happened overnight. Everyone was noticing it too-and I mean everybody!"

Anyways, if you want to read all of the redundant mess that's left over from Supahead's books, go get it!!!

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