Jim Jones Is Still Dirty and Still Runnin His Mouth!

Dirty ass Jim Jones is at it again. Still talkin cash -ish about Jay Z. My thing is... do you hear Jay wasting his breath talking mess about him? No! Jay Z knows this dude is a waste of time and space so he doesn't even bother with it. But... nonetheless, here is what Jim is sayin about Jay now:
"Above all Summer Jam was dope and I got to see Jay-Z who refused to get out of his van when he saw my pretty face. We was mobbin', he's still a sucka...A old sucka. lol. We back and if he killed autotune then we must be Easter the resurrection. lol Shouts to Soulja Boy Tell Em, he ripped."

Jim is really trying to call Jay old? Does he not realize how old he is? Uhhh dude... ur not that far behind Jay, so you might want to shut the fugg up!

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