Mike Tyson Weds In Vegas

Not sure how many of you even care but I'm here to report the news so here it is folks. Maybe Mike Tyson is trying to find happiness in his time mourning the death of his baby daughter Exodous a few weeks ago. Adding another chapter to his fascinating, if sad, life story, the fallen heavyweight champ (and current Hangover cutup) married girlfriend Lakiha Spicer in Las Vegas over the weekend—less than two weeks after the tragic death of his 4-year-old daughter.

The couple exchanged vows at La Bella Wedding Chapel at the Las Vegas Hilton Hotel on Saturday night in an intimate, dressed-down affair with no guests present. Chapel spokesman Shawn Absher says Tyson and Spicer appeared "very happy and very sincere" when a limo picked them up at around 9:15 p.m. The pair obtained a marriage license and then swapped vows 45 minutes later. The bride eschewed a traditional wedding gown in favor of "an appropriate dress," while Iron Mike wore a suit and tie, Absher says.

Tyson, 42, requested that all photos taken of the ceremony be kept private. This is Mikes thirdd marriage since he first married actress Robin Givens back in 1988. His second marriage was to a chick named Monica Turner (from 1997 to 2003). He and Spicer have known each other for 10 years. Congrats to the couple.

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