Octomom Coming To A Television Near You!

Do we really need our televisions filled with more reality fucktackery? I think not! Regardless of what you folks feel, get ready, because it's coming!

I'm sure that most have forgotten about Nadya Suleman and her love for the kids, especially with all of the Jon & Kate hoopla as of late! Never fear my friends, Nadya and the fab 14 are on the way!

According to the Hollywood Reporter, Ms. Suleman is getting her long awaited wish of becoming the star of her own show. She has at long last secured a deal to star, with all 14 of her children, in a reality show from 3Ball Productions.

Unlike Jon & Kate and the infamous Duggers and their brood of 18 kids, Nadya's show will be a more long-term, less intrusive project, more in line with a documentary that will chronicle her children's lives only through certain milestones, like birthdays and other special events.

It has not yet been sold to a network.

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