Rihanna Sued For By Neighbor

Rihanna's L.A. neighbor is taking her to court.

UCLA professor Christian Moeller is suing the "Umbrella" singer for letting her friends park on his lawn. Sounds silly right? Yeah I thought so too. Here's how the story goes:

Rihanna rents a home owned by Stephen Yacobian, whose house is next door to Moeller's. Moeller gave Yacobian an easement -- the right to drive cars on a portion of Moeller's property. But two years ago, Yacobian renovated the property and the easement wasn't really being used. To make matters a lot worse, since Rihanna moved in she's been allowing cars to drive on Moeller's lawn to get to her driveway... and the suit claims sometimes the cars just sit there on the lawn.So Moeller wants the easement eliminated. As for Rihanna, Moeller is suing her for allowing people and cars to trespass on his property.

Why sue though? Why go through all of this and not just go to Rihanna and ask her if she knew about the easement and how to properly use it?

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