Rza Wants Chris Brown For Movie Project

If you were born before 1990, then you should know that one of the best classic "ghetto" kung fu movies was The Last Dragon. Mmmm Mmmm... that damn Taimak was the cutest thing to me back then! Sorry ya'll!

Wu-Tang Clan co-founder/director/actor Rza is supposedly doing a remake of the cult classic as his latest movie project. And who does Rza have in mind to fill in for cutie pie Taimak's character Leroy "Bruce Leroy" Green?... that's right... Chris Brown with his ol' hop around the stage ass.

Rza has already spoken with CB and his people regarding the flick. According to XXLMag.com Rza said, "I holla'd at Chris and he seemed very interested, I never -- I didn't holla at Rihanna. But I holla'd at Chris one day. You know we came across each other in the studio, and I saw him at one of those award shows, and I said, 'I really got you at the top of the list to bring this character back' and he said that he actually loved the character. He said he loved Bruce Lee and he's a fan of The Last Dragon. I was like, wow, that's cool cause there's four of us that votes on it, but my vote is on him."

All of the movie talk went down before the Chrihanna-Gate situation took place but doesnm't make a difference or sway his thoughts on Chris as the main charachter. I just want them to give us a cameo of Taimak! I need to see if he is aging gracefully as fine as he was back in the day!!!

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