Tameka Foster's Lawyer Speaks On Infidelity Rumors

Before all of the ugliness of this divorce hits the airwaves and our newspapers, etc... Tameka Foster's lawyer wants to clear the air about any rumors that his client was unfaithful to her husband.

Tameka Raymond's attorney is preemptively nipping in the bud any theories that either infidelity or a third party played a part in the duo's decision to divorce. "She's a great mom," Randy Kessler said. "She's been a loyal wife. She's trying her best to take the high road and not attack him."

I'm sure 'Meka Boo is looking to cash in off of her ex. And now that she has two children by him, hell... she just might. It's just sad though. Everybody knew this marriage was doomed from the beginning. When you alienate your friends, your fans, and even your own damn mama... yeah... ur karma is shot dude! But 'Meka has been cool about it all. She's been twittering here and there and hasn't had anything bad to say about Ush. Can't knock that.

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