They Said It... You Read It~ Moniques Husband Talks About Their "Open Marriage"

For as long as we've known that they have been a couple, comediene Mo'Nique and her husband Sidney Hicks have always let it be known that they have an open marriage.

Many of us, myself included, always wonder what is the purpose of being married if you're going to just allow each other to sleep around or date other people? Well Sidney sort of breaks it down in Jet magazine as to how his an Mo'Niques situation works out and why.

"We're saying that if by some chance that you hear scandal and you hear that Mo'Nique slept with another man, it won't be a need for a press conference because I'm going to say, 'Why are y'all tripping off that? Because that's what she did. Did she sleep with that man in you?' That's not a deal breaker for myself ... We are logical enough to understand that things like this do happen."

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