Trey Songz Calls R. Kelly Out via Auto-Tune Diss

Yet again... more music beef or is it? Most of the time, it's to sell records, but this time, I don't know what the motivation is behind it all. It's almost a bit unwarranted. Seems like Jay-Z has started a bit of the war of the words ever since he dropped "Death of Auto-Tune," everybody has got something to say on whether the track hits home or misses the mark.

Trey Songz takes it a step further as he remixes the track to call out the one and only R. Kelly and his use of Auto-Tune on his new mixtape, The Demo Tape.

“Remember Aaron Hall? Where the hell he at?/ Trey Songz comin’, where Kelly at?/Why be indirect/ I think he feelin’ that. He got the game sewed so he layin’ back,” Songz says as he labeled Kelly a “T-Pain copycat.” “Who you got around you, Them people tryin’ to drown you/ Put that autotune on, yo homies shoulda clowned you…Now let the track breathe, Cut them braids off, who you tryin’ to be, me?”

Although this may come off as a blatant diss, Songz was quick to give his take on the song via a recent post on http://seefurtherthaniam.blogspot.com. The vocalist, who confessed to being a big R. Kelly fan, was using the song as motivation for Kells to “to go harder” in being the trailblazer he was when he arrived on the scent rather than yield to the popular Auto-Tune trend. Hence the historical nods to Hall as well as the influence of Lenny Williams and Ronald Isley, the latter of whom he helped transform into Mr. Biggs for a new generation of fans.

Since Trey is saying that people have compared him to R.Kelly, the only question I have after hearing this track is will the real R. Kelly please stand up? Or more importantly, how long will it be before Kells hits back with a reply? So much for R&B. I guess it’s now come down to R&Beef.

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