Gabrielle Union Don't Like The Bloggers So Much!

I was wondering how long it would take for someone to take on one of us bloggers in the legal realm. Gabrielle Union has stepped up to the plate ladies and germs. The 36 year old Nebraska native says that she is sick and tired of bloggers calling her a homewrecker and making up lies about her love life.

Gabby has went out and hired an attorney to take legal action against one blog in particular- Bossip.com. Why Bossip? Because they posted a disreputable anonymous letter from an alleged "nameless pro-athlete's wife." Now ya'll know that she is supposed to be dating Miami Heat Guard Dewayne Wade and it all came out around the time he and his ex-wife Shiovaughn divorced.

Gabby has been linked to many athletes, actors, and big-wigs alike since her divorce from her ex-husband NFL baller Chris Howard in 2006. All Gabby is asking of the blog site is for them to remove the letter from its site, print a retraction and send a written apology to her.

In January of 2008, Union spoke with BV (see 'Blasting the Blogs: Gabrielle Union Speaks Out') about her issues with blog sites.

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