Nas & Maxwell Are Buddies?

Well I'll be a monkey's auntie!!! What have we here? Apparently lots and lots of fun!!! I'm kinda jealous that I didn't get to partake! KINDA! As you can see from the pictures... Nas and Maxwell are having themselves a ball. The R&B hearthrob and hip hop (notice I didn't say rap... cuz Nasir Jones is not rap) icon are seen in these pictures partying it up with some.... shall I say "fan"/groupies down in Turks & Caicos. My question is, since when have these two been bosom buddies? What an unlikely friendship huh?

See how dudes do ladies? Nas and Kelis' divorce isn't even final and the baby hasn't been born, yet dude is out livin it up! As for Maxwell... well, all I know is that his girl should be really pissy right about now. Let's not act like ain't nothin happen after these photos!!! *side-eye*

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Anonymous said...

The girls are a cover. Those two are definitely DOWN LOW that's why they posted the pics themselves. Right 2 men go away on vacation to meet up with those women in the pics? PLEASE!!! Kelis is correct. A woman knows these things.