The Game May Be Newest BET Sitcom

It started out as a spin-off to the hit show 'Girlfriends' back in 2006, but soon after, 'The Game' became a favorite among millions of households... but not enough to sustain the blow of being cancelled like it predecessor.

Although the show was cancelled from its home network, The CW, in May of this year, Mara Brock-Akil and co. have been hard at work getting the show resurrected over at another network- BET.

Sources tell that BET may be close to finalizing a deal to actually be the new home of the sports-themed comedy. A network source also says that BET's new co-President Loretha Jones has been aggressively working to secure the budget to make the deal a reality.

From a business standpoint, BET airing a new season of 'The Game' would help kick-start their pursuit to be in the scripted programming business a la TBS and Lifetime. Additionally, since ratings for the re-runs of 'The Game' on BET outperform most original programming on the network, airing new episodes of the sitcom could be a ratings juggernaut for the channel. Even though this deal is not finalized yet, just know that the final buzzer has not sounded on 'The Game.'

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