More Details On Kelis/Nas Divorce

I'm about sick and tired of Kelis. I totally understand that you are pregnant and you claim that Nasir Jones cheated on you. Ok. We get all of that. But c'mon dude... your demands are a bit much.

As we are all very much aware of, Kelis has filed new documents in a Los Angeles court, asking her estranged husband, Nas, to pay spousal support and child support for their baby on the way. Kelis, who is expecting a baby boy on July 21, is telling anyone who will listen that she is broke and that Nas isn't willing to pay for -ish.

So what about all the money she made on her own. I'm sure she's got some stashed away somewhere??? Well, Kelis claims that she spent the money she made as a singer-songwriter in part while she attended culinary school in 2008 and on her bills. So are you saying you have NO MONEY LEFT? Hock that $200k wedding ring. That should tide you over for a while.

Kelis is asking Nas to foot the bill for a host of supplies related to the child she is carrying. Check the list out:

  • $20,000 “towards the cost of purchasing strollers, cribs and other baby supplies” for the couple’s two residences – an apartment in Manhattan and a home in Los Angeles.
  • money to buy storage space “to bank the baby’s blood when he is born. The banking is the collection and storage of the stem cells found in the baby’s umbilical cord.” A storage plan pricing information leaflet included in the filing notes stem cell storage costs $1,999 for the first year.
  • pregnancy-related medical expenses
  • half of the expenses related to their son after he is born
  • the mortage, property taxes, insurance and utilities on their primary residence
  • $100,000 toward her attorney fees
  • $50,00 toward forensic accounting fees
  • Oh... and she also wants Nas to pay for the Nanny that will care for their son when she goes back to work. In her court filing, Kelis reveals she earns around $21,616 a month, mostly from royalties for her past works. In her attempt to show Nas’ value, she noted he has released nine albums, worked on songs for feature films — including one starring Leonardo DiCaprio, signed a sneaker deal, produced a Mike Tyson movie and is part owner of a company called Gorillla Union.

    The 30-year-old singer said in her filing that she and Nas kept separate bank accounts during their marriage and her only knowledge of his financial situation is what his business manger told her, and what she’s read in the news.

    “I do not have funds to maintain our marital lifestyle or pay for our unborn child’s expenses,” Kelis said in her filing, noting those expenses tally around $80,000 a month. “My survival is based on Nas’s will at this time.”

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