Louis Vuitton Has Beef With Rick Ross

Ya know... you would think that with all of the influence that rap music has on the fashion world, that most of the top designers that are getting free pub by many of the artist wearing their brands would be appreciative right? WRONG!!!

Out of all of the genre's of music, the urban music artists whether it be rap, hip hop, r&b, pop, whatever, has had the most influence in what brands people go out and cop on their next shopping ventures. Wear is the loooooooove ya'll?

LVMH, which is the parent company that owns Louis Vuitton has set it's sights on it's next target- Rick Ross. Apparently the folks over at Louis V could give a good hot damn about more pub because they sicked their attorneys on the Miami rapper by sending an email to the editors of hip-hop mag XXL which featured Rick on cover of it's May issue, and the fashion press explaining their vehemenant disapproval of Rick wearing their shades on the cover. A LV in-house attorney explained the frames are not authentic and they did not grant permission for Ross or the mag to use them, so it is considered an illegal activity.

Whoa whoa whoa! Are these people serious? So is it illegal for me to be carrying my Gucci bag while taking pictures and posting them on my Myspace? Geeeet the fugg outta here Louis V. Ross is refuting the idea that the glasses are fakes and says they are authentic and he had them 'tricked out' by Jacob "Jack" Bernstein a.k.a. the Sunglasses Pimp of Jack's Eyewear in L.A.

Here is what Rick Ross had to say in response to all this mess in an interview he did recently with allhiphop.com
>"It's the same thing as buying a Rolls Royce and having it tricked out; just because the product has been customized by me doesn't take away from the fact that the frames are authentic. Louis Vuitton Millionaires."

Not quite sure what dude was trying to say but I know what he meant and I'm with him on this one. This is ridiculous. Remember a few months back when T.I. was shooting his Swing Ya Rag video and he was using a Gucci rag and the lame as folks over at Gucci put a halt to that whole little idea? Well yeah... same thing people! Bullshit if you ask me!

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