Who Needs A Rap Tour?

Boy oh boy... if I was a tweeny bopper, I'd probably be trying to baby sit every kids on the block to get these tickets. Talk about a summer jam, how about Lil Wayne, Young Jeezy, Drake, and Soulja Boy Tell'em all on the same ticket doing one of the biggest rap tours in a while.

MTV News reports that a a reliable source in Lil Waynes camp told them that this whole tour isn't quite set in stone just yet, but they're hoping something will work out with at least a third of all that was named. In May, Drake told MuchMusic about a similar tour that, at the time, was supposed to include Jay-Z.

"God willing, if everything goes according to plan and everybody's schedule is in place, then I will be on tour with some amazing people," Drake said. "One of them being Jay-Z, one of them being Lil Wayne, one of them being Young Jeezy and one of them being me."

Jay Z has his own tour lined up for the summer with Ciara that will begin in Vegas on July 3rd. Thursday night from the Los Angeles Lakers game, Soulja Boy Tell'em announced the tour on Twitter.

"TSA (Twitter Service Announcement) — I'm going on Tour with Lil Wayne, Young Jeezy & Drake this summer! Get ya tickets ASAP!!!!" he Tweeted.

Dates for the tour are still being locked down.

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