Jackie-O Talks About Her Books and Beef

Miami rapper Jacki-O is a recognizable force among female rappers, especially since there aren't many in the industry as of late. But amazingly, this chick has sex appeal and charisma and often a trail of drama to go along with all of that.

Her second album, "Little Red Riding Hood", tackles some of those exact issues. Issues that have only made her a tougher emcee, which is why she has put the record label disputes and Foxy Brown altercations behind her. But she does talk about her newest venture, her tell-all book.

"I'm currently working on a book discussing the industry. I wouldn't say it's a tell-all, but in some ways it is," she says. "I don't hold nothing back in the book, I just tell the truth -- the way things are, things I've gone through, and refused to go through. Specifically, how the industry is male-dominated and tough on a female. I'm giving females that are coming in after me a heads-up."

Her story isn't without advice, though, especially for those aspiring female artists. While Jacki admits sex appeal is a part of the game, she warns not to give into pressure because there will be a lot of it. But, all the advice in the world won't prepare you because at the end of the day, it's gonna be a long, hard road.

"Sex appeal definitely plays a part in catching the eye of the fans, that's what the industry is based on for the most part, like who's the finest, who has the most jewelry -- it's very vain. Sometimes it can be a lot of pressure," she says. "The industry can be a bitch, there are a lot of things that play a part. The talent has to be there, if you ain't this bombshell. There are females who aren't talented, but they're pretty so they're able to get by. Then, there are some who aren't pretty, but they're talented, and they're able to get by. It's forever a struggle."

Jacki-O has endured all these same barriers before she was able to make it through the industry's red tape. Today, the rapper is not only promoting a new book, but also a new album. Little Red Riding Hood featured a more in-depth look at Jacki's life and career, as well as the sex-laden tracks for the late night tip. Also absent were beef-laced rhymes, which the rapper says she avoids like the plague despite some of the run-ins she's faced in the past.

"I try to stay away from the beef. Even when I came in the business, it wasn't originally a strategic marketing tool," Jacki explains. "Even when it was, I wasn't trying to get my name out there. I think that's wack, because your hard work and talent will see you through and get you out there. However when it came my way, it became a marketing tool. Beef kinda just came my way. However, it came, I embraced it, because it's all a part of hip hop, you know? It comes with the territory."

Through it all -- the beefs, the obstacles, label disputes, everything -- Jacki-O says that her inspiration is proving cynics wrong at the end of the day. "I like to see the look on their faces when they've tried everything to stop me and I endure and I continue. I love a challenge. That is my motivation."Miami rapper Jacki-O is a recognizable force among female hip-hop celebutantes as one who exemplifies sex appeal, charisma and depending on the circumstances -- controversy


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