1000 Black Men Denounce *Nameless*

I refuse to post the picture of the man who shall remain nameless, but who just recently beat a major case. I will, however, say that I am proud of 1000 or so black men that have since denounced him.

19 black male writers started a petition, spearheaded by journalist Kevin Powell and William Jelani Cobb, who is an associate professor of history at Spelman College. The petition claims African-Americans have taken to the street when Black men are victims of injustice, but stay silent when Black women are abused

“This is about more than *nameless* claims to innocence,” according to the petition. “It is about our survival as a community.” As of Tuesday, about 1000 Black men had signed the petition that challenges them to never abuse Black women, to support Black women, and to reject *nameless* unless he apologizes for his behavior toward women.

Jelani Cobb told Essence magazine that the signing of this petition, is the black mans disapproval of the outcome of this case. “We wanted to make it clear that there were Black men who were strongly opposed to how the case played out,’’ he said.

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