Shaq Adds On To The Latest Beefs!

Wack ass Shaquille O'Neal went onstage in New York City and freestyled a rap dissing Kobe Bryant. It was wack to me, but the crowd was cheering like this dude went hard and said some ultra superior -ish. No matter how you slice it, Shaq will never ever be a rapper and he's still bitter because his butt didn't make it to the finals and Kobe did. Of course he's still mad because Kobe threw him under the bus during his rap trial. Shaq took shots at Kobe saying that basically, Kobe is the reason why he's getting a divorce and even asked Kobe to lick/kiss his ass. I don't know which one, I was half ass listening to that crap. Anyways, you can check it out for yourself.

Shaq Disses Kobe

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