Tyra Banks Nabs Her A Emmy!

As much as me, and everybody else out there in t.v. land are sick and tired of Tyra Banks and her idiotic antics on her daytime talk show... ya girl came through and brought home an Emmy last night. At the 2008 Daytime Emmy Awards, Tyra was on cloud nine after she grabbed up the first ever Emmy for Informative Talk Show! HUH??? You mean to tell me that "Super O" never scooped that up? WOW... ok!

Inspite of the spotlight being shined down on her, Tyra went on to give thanks to her inspiration, “I want to thank Oprah Winfrey for her inspiration. She is the queen. She will always be the queen.” That's right girl... and don't you forget that -ish... (I'm sure that's what Oprah was thinking)

Not feeling this picture at all. She's looking like quite the chubby bunny right here! But I'm ok with the look. Can you see a Barbie in the future here?

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