Random Rant: True Friends

I just recently read something that truly touched me deep down. It read, "Good friends are God’s way of apologizing to us for our families." I haven't agreed more with a statement such as that in a long time. It is so true. I have friends that have been there for me more than my family has ever been. Of course I love my family. No one, or nothing, can replace them. No matter how much they tick me off, or how much they talk about me behind my back, I still love them.

My friends are my life support. When I'm down, I call them. When I need to bitch and complain, I call them. When I need to party and let loose... sho'nuff, I call them. My best friend and I, have been friends for almost 18 years and I love her as if she were my own flesh and blood sister. Of course, like siblings, we argue and fight and go days, weeks, months, and I hate to admit it, I think we even went a year or two without speaking once. But I will NEVER let that happen again. We need our friends.

Another saying I've heard is "Blood is thicker than water; But you need water to survive". Another true statement. A lot of times, we go through friendships and only look at it them for what they are to us on the outside. We forget about how we process these relationships internally. We see friendships as a safe haven from our real families. When we're done wrong by family, we turn to our friends. True friendship requires certain accountability factors. Real friends encourage one another and forgive one another where there has been an offense. Genuine friendship supports during times of struggle. Friends are dependable. In true friendship, unconditional love develops. We love our friends no matter what and we always want the best for our friends.

I just want to say to all of my friends that read my blog... I love you guys. The friendships that I share with you all have helped shape and mold me into the woman that I am today and I truly take my hat off too you!

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