Naomi Campbell Pleads Guilty!

Uber prima donna, Naomi Campbell was in a London court today to answer for her pending charges. The supermodel pleaded guilty to assaulting two police officers after a dispute broke out over her luggage at a Heathrow airport.

Campbell admitted to four of the six charges, and the Crown Prosecution Service, agreed to drop the remaining two. She also pleaded guilty to one count of using threatening language toward the crew and a charge of disorderly conduct likely to cause harassment.

Campbell, who was traveling to Los Angeles, was among passengers caught up in the chaos that marked Terminal 5's first 12 days of operation. Problems with the baggage-handling system and employee familiarization forced British Airways to cancel more than 600 flights after the building opened on March 27. After passengers on her flight were told the plane would depart without some of their bags, Campbell asked the cabin crew to determine whether her luggage was aboard. Campbell became abusive when the captain went into the first class cabin to tell her that one of her bags was missing.

The model then began shouting into her mobile phone, demanding that the person she was calling get her another flight, contact the media and call her lawyer, according to the spokeswoman. Campbell then told the captain, who was trying to calm her, to get off the plane, find her bag and bring it to her.

Campbell was eventually asked to leave the aircraft and, when she refused to, the police were called, the spokeswoman said. A police officer approached her and she used an expletive before shouting, "I paid 5,000 pounds for this seat, I've got the right to be on this plane," When the officer reached to take hold of her to remove her from the plane, she hit him twice on the forearm with her phone and screamed in his face, the spokeswoman said. A second police officer came to assist. Campbell, who was wearing platform boots with stiletto heels, kicked him in the thigh close to his groin, the prosecution said. In the ensuing struggle she kicked the first policeman in the right shin and the left thigh and spat at him, the CPS spokeswoman said.

Also during all of this foolishness, Naomi accused the officers of being racist, and while being taken away, she kicked the side of the van that came to pick her up, and abused a woman officer who attempted to search her. Assaulting an officer carries a maximum sentence of six months in prison and a possible fine of 5,000 pounds ($9,887 american dollars). The charge of using threatening language may be punished with a maximum fine of 2,500 pounds, while a conviction for disorderly conduct carries a fine of as much as 1,000 pounds. Campbell was ordered to attend anger-management class and perform five days of community service in January 2007 after she pleaded guilty in a New York court to assaulting her maid by throwing a mobile phone at her.

I need them to go ahead and lock this girl up already. How many times is she going to be able to abuse random people, let along officers of the law, and get away with it. I bet if this was the homegirl from around the way, her ass would have been locked up from the jump. Free on bond??? No Suuuuuh!

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