Techy Talk: Camoria Digital Camera

Today's installment of Techy Talk is The Camoria. It's an over-the-ear digital camera that is designed to put your life in the form of pictures. Of course, there is no way that you can get your own face in the shots, unless you stand in front of mirror. This is good for all of you Myspacers and Facebook folks who love taking those bathroom pictures of your ass in the mirror. It's also good for those "hell naw" moments that you catch on the street.

Right now, the Camoria is a concept device by German designer Akbiyik Vokan. Information that I got about the Camoria is very sketchy, so I don’t know how much memory it has, or how long the battery will last.

Although, you have to wonder about when this thing becomes reality, will you have to worry about the person wearing the device putting that moment when you picked your nose or your ass on your social networking site or will you be a YouTube "most downloaded"? Not quite sure if I'm ready for that just yet.

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