Say It Ain't So... Jevon Kearse Arrested For DUI!

I'm so sad right now... but at least it's nothing super big, but my man Jevon "The Freak" Kearse was picked up at 4:45 a.m. Sunday morning by Vanderbilt University police. Vanderbilt police said Kearse was speeding and swerving several times while travelling west on West End Avenue. The officer who pulled the Titans Defensive End over said Kearse exhibited slurred speach, red eyes, and smelled of alcohol. Jevon told the officer that he only had a red bull and vodka. Even though Jevon submitted to the field sobriety test, he refused to take the breathalyzer test. There were two other people in the car with him at the time of arrest and the vehicle was released to one of them the following day.


Anonymous said...

I guess this is one of the websites that give off false information. Before you create a news outlet for your audience make sure your information is correct. Mr. Kearse was picked up at 3:30 off West End..Details please!

Candy said...

how about you go back and comment on all the other thousands of other internet outlets that all say 4:45 am... oh yeah, and don't forget to call the police station in Tennessee that said the same damn thing!