Big Sis Beyonce Throws Solange A Dance Party

Beyonce threw her little sister, Solange Knowles a dance party for her 22nd birthday party Monday night. The music was pumpin and everybody was out on the floor. Those in attendance included, Ludacris, Ne-Yo, Mario, and Michelle Williams (Destiny's Child). Lindsay Lohan was there for obvious reasons, her girl-pal Samantha Ronson was the DJ for the event. Solange made it known that she wanted to keep the music in the fam, by having Sam play damn near everything in the Jay-Z/Beyonce catalog. When Beyonce's "Get Me Bodied" came on, everyone circle around big and lil sis and watched as they re-enacted all of the moves from the video.

The menu; barbecue chicken, cornbread, greens and mac and cheese (served buffet-style). HUH? So I guess this wasn't one of those finger food classy parties huh? Rock band Chester French took the stage playing an instrumental version of "What About Dre," and finished their set with a rocked out version of "Happy Birthday." Cupcakes with large white candles were passed through the crowd as everyone sang to Solange, who blew out the candles and banged on her tambourine. Sounds like fun times were had all the way around!

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