Rihanna Says She and Chris Are Just Close... Really, Really Close!

Rihanna was on The View today and was somewhat grilled by Babs about her relationship with Chris Brown. When questioned about the relationship, Rih Rih stated,

"We hang out a lot. We are very close. He's an amazing person. But we are not dating. We are very close, very, very close,"

When Barbara asked her what was the difference between dating and how her and CB's relationship is, again, she ducked the question,

"There's a big difference and I think you know that." Oh no!!! We're not getting fly at the mouth with Barbara are we??? I just don't get it though. Why lie about your relationship when you two aren't doing anything to hide it or squelch any of the rumors. I think it's better like Beyonce and Jay did by just saying that you don't wish to discuss that part of your life and just leave it at that, instead of blantantly lying to the whole world. I don't think any of us are blind as bats. We can see what is really going on. Don't nobody do all this hugging and kissing and ain't jack going on! Get real dude! You know I could go on and on with the pictures but for what... they're still going to lie! Thats what happens to young ass kids trying to play grown up!

Ya'll know I could go on and on with these pictures...

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