Suge Knights K.O. Kid Is K.O'd By LAPD!

Dude that knocked out big bad Suge Knight was should have stayed low-key; Maybe he wouldn't have been caught by the LAPD. Los Angeles police officers picked up Greg Smith late Sunday night on an existing warrant that had been issued by a judge after he failed to show up for a court date. To add even more fuel to the fire, when the officers approached him, Smith did what the average person does... you know, the right thing to do in situations like this... he took off. Now he's been booked for resisting arrest too.

You can't really say that he's been ducking and dodging Suge because dude owns a barber shop and Suge knows where it is, so.....if he really wanted to get at dude, he could. I'm hoping that bully ass Suge has grown up a little and just decided to "roll with the punches"! Lame... I know! I try to be funny!

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