Bobby Brown Is Telling It All

Bobby Brown is supposedly coming out with a memoir about his life. I think it's safe to say that we all pretty much know everything there is to know about Bobby since his life is in the news damn near everyday. But nevertheless, he's decided to write about it. In the book he talks about a time when he "almost killed Usher"??? You still smokin that crack ain't'cha Bobby? You almost killed Usher? In the book, he claims that he walked into a club and he saw Usher and immediately Usher gave him a big hug and then put him in a playful choke hold. Well apparently Bobby kept telling Ush that he couldn't breathe, but Ush couldn't hear him over the loud music, plus it didn't help that he was drunk. He claims that he threw Ush over the dj booth and then Ushers team of body guards bum rushed him because it had gotten too serious. *blank stare* Woooooooooow! This book ought to be quite interesting. Seems like there are going to be many delusions of grandure running all up and through it.

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