The Carter III In Stores Now

The Carter III dropped today and it has been long anticipated by many Lil Wayne fans. I've heard good and bad things about the album. Most of the tracks have been leaked on the net, and the ones that i've heard have been sub-par. They don't sound like the typical animalistic Wayne of yester-year! It's more mixed and diverse. With guitar solos from Wayne and some off the cuff flows, it's surely an interesting album, but not his best work! We'll see how it does though. Wayne does have a fan that is totally embracing this album to the fullest:
"The Lil Wayne album — a lot of times you get a lot of hype on cats and they don't totally deliver," Diddy said in a video blog. "I was surprised by his selection of beats, his variation of flows, his content. The boy really delivered: He's a genius, the album is genius, it's a classic. It far exceeded my expectations."

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