David Banner Says Al Sharpton Is A Fraud!

There has been bad blood between rapper David Banner and Rev. Al Sharpton for a while now, and this time, the situation is still the same. David Banner has been one of the more outspoken individuals in the hip hop community when it comes to how are young people are being lead and used for the gain of others. This time, it's the Sean Bell incident in which David is telling Al, "You're a fraud". Last year, David attacked Al Sharpton on SOHH and told him in some rather explicit words, to "Suck my d*ck". I'm sure Al wasn't too pleased with that, but Al did send a response via one of his members of the National Action Network team saying
"From time to time we do encounter people that have sexual fantasies about Reverend Al Sharpton, but they are always women and Crump's proposition is a first," she wrote in a statement released to the media. "However, in keeping with the National Action Network's Decency Initiative, I am sure Rev. Sharpton would not call Crump the "N" "B" or "H" word. And, despite Crump's personal request, I am sure Reverend Sharpton would not call him a f-g--t. He would just pray for him. We at NAN are pro civil rights for everyone, even Levell Crump who has not had a banner year since his debut album in 2003."
The issue now; Al wants to protest at the MLB All Star game at Yankee Stadium. Al says he won't go through with the protest if the state passes new laws to temper overzealous cops. Al says that this event is the perfect opportunity because Sean Bell was a burgeoning base ball talent before the cops shot and killed him. Sharpton wouldn't give any major details about the protest other than it's going to be very dramatic. ???? What does that mean? Are there going to be balloons, loud music, people screaming, I mean what? Dramatic could mean anything.
David Banner, on the other hand, had more words in regards to Sharpton.
"I don't wanna have a party with him I don't wanna shake hands with him, I don't wanna talk on the phone with him, " he said of the reverend. "I just want him to leave young black men alone." He said. "You talk about rap but then when America shakes you down then you at Young Jeezy's party throwin' up the Roc-A-Fella sign," he added. "You're a fraud, dude."
I'm going to need these two grown ass men to do better. I love me some David Banner. Ya'll know there is nothing more sexier than an intellegent hoodlum. David was SGA president at Souther University where he received his bachelors degree, and he's also an activist for major causes. But when it comes to being a leader, you can't point fingers without having three other fingers pointing back at you. You can't call this dude a fake and want him to leave young black men alone because they are trying the best they can to live their lives, but you're not able to let this black man live and let him do what HE feels is the right thing? C'mon Levell, give the dude a break!

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