Diddy Says Stop Using My Name!

Diddy is going after the little people now. In recent reports, Diddy has sicked his goon squad of attorneys on a family-owned cuff link dealer who's company is titled "Cuff Daddy". Diddy's main concern is that he thinks that the distributor is trying to make a profit off of his name. But... if memory serves me right, didn't you change your damn from "Puff Daddy" to "Diddy"? I mean, dude, you did that. So to me, you have no right to tell this man that he has to stop using his name. It's not like he's got the "c" and the "d" blinged out or he's not even using that catchy line you use... "Take dat Take dat". So why all this Diddy? All the more reason why you're a jackass dude! Don't you have bigger fish to fry than this? You need to be worried about why your pants ride up in between your legs. I know I good tailor you can use buddy! Call me!

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