It's About Damn Time Hillary!

Finally!!!! It will all be over tonight. Reports are coming in that Sen. Hillary Clinton is planning to concede amidst tonights democratic primaries in South Dakota and Montana. Sen. Barack Obama only needs 42 delegates to get the nomination, but there are not enough delegates in these two remaining states to give him those needed. There are only 31 delegates at stake tonight. What could put Barack over the top tonight would be a surge of superdelegates officially endorsing him. I just really don't care for this superdelegate stuff though. It's too flaky. I know that some of Hillary's superdelegates went over to endorse Obama, but they could still go back and endorse Hillary. I think once you give your endorsement that should be it. Either way, I will watching tonight no matter how late it runs.
The Clinton camp is firing back saying that ol Hillary is NOT admitting defeat. She will continue to beat this dead horse. She will continue to raise decention in the democratic party. *SIGH*... I hate it when a person can't admit the truth even when it's starring them smack dab in the face!

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