Karrine Just Loves Gettin Her Ass Whooped!

This chick loves the drama! Good night!!! So she's sent a text to her homeboy Perez Hilton this morning at damn near 5 a.m. saying:

"It's Karrine. U have to help me. My boyfriend just tried to run over me with his car. [I] Just made a police report. In August, he placed me in a choke hold at a strip club on my birthday. There's a report and photos of that. There was another choking I never reported but is now being investigated. I lied to the city attny to save his ass but I'm DONE. He'll kill me if I go on with this. YES…Eddie Winslow from Family Matters! I have to give you this story. Pls!"

What in the ....? Are you kidding me? How do you let yourself get caught up in this kind of crap again? She should know better by now. A man doesn't become abusive over night. He shows you signs that he will smack your ass in a heartbeat, but most women choose to ignore those signs. I don't mean to sound harsh, but you have to know what you're worth ladies. Know that NO ONE... should put their hands on you! EVER!!!!

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