Landon Brown Breaks Li-Lo's Back In!

The apple don't fall too far from that big ass tree do it? Landon Brown, son of crackhead Bobby Brown, is telling anyone who will listen that he hooked up with Lindsay Lohan a few years back. Li-Lo being the hooch that she is saw Landon at a party and they got it on in the bathroom... over a toilet! A public bathroom???? Ewwwww! Anyways, Landson says,

“I think she knew who I was when she first saw me. We were just staring at each other and she walked by. I walked into the bathroom and she followed me in.”

Landon still says that he wouldn't mind breakin Lindsay off again, but this time, he says that he wants to do it in the same room with his pops so that they can give hi-fives for breakin these hoes off!!! ha ha ha ha

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