LL Set To Release A New Album

It don't make no damn sense to be 5040 and this damn fine. But it also don't make no sense to be this age and still trying to compete with these young boys out here. LL Cool J has his hands in every pot on the stove from music, movies, tv commercials, and clothing lines, but he's still not done. LL is about to relase his 13th album titled Exit 13. I think he's feeling like he needs to redeem himself since his last two albums did so bad. But I can't be mad. I'm about his age and I'm still a hip hop head. Shit, if I could rap, you best believe i'd be out there too! Naw, let me quit playin! I know when my time has past! I think Todd just needs to stick to be fine and maybe dip more into the acting scene because I think he's pretty good at it.

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