The Pressure Is On Barack To Make Hillary His V.P.!!!

I had to put this picture up because I love it so much! I think I'm going to go out and get me one of those velvet pictures done of Barack. You know the ones... like your auntie or granny used to have hanging up in the living room of Martin Luther King, Jr. . Definitely NO HOMO, but I am so in love with this couple right now! Whenever I hear Barack or Michelle speak I get goose bumps. That overwhelming feeling to just smile and say "Thank You Jesus" just runs all through my body. You can see the character and dignity in this couple. They embodie what so many of us want in a relationship. Genuine and real love! It is so good to see an example of respect and complete love. It's a shame that Barack's victory and a true testiment of American history, has become a bit overshadowed by Hillary being a stubborn mule and not fully conceding in the race. All because the heffa is greedy and won't take no for an answer. So what does she want now? She wants the V.P. slot. At first that wasn't even a viable option for you, but now you'll take it? Take a hike is what you can take Hillary. You can't just "Debo" your way into everything that doesn't go according to your plans. If you would have shut that loud mouth husband of yours up and took a brief pause to think before you speak, you might have had a chance to win this thing like everyone expected you to do. Hillary being the V.P. is not going to unify the party. I'm not saying that it will be destructive either, but it's most certainly not the answer. Just like every other event in this race, giving her the V.P. slot will be Barack being the gentleman that he is and giving in to her bullyish tactics. I say "No SUUUUUH"... it ain't goin down like that. I pray that he doesn't succumb to the pressure and makes the right choice!

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