Tyler Perry Tells Cousin Marlon... Oh No Suh!!!

Despite Tyler Perry mocking his family in damn near every movie that he's come out with, he ain't having his family use his name to boost themselves! Tyler's cousin Marlon Campbell, who is a producer-director in Atlanta, told TMZ that when he used Tylers name when he was talking about his movie "Oblivious", he got a "shut yo mouth" letter from Tyler via his attorneys. The letter that was delivered stated that any connection between Marlon's stuff and Tyler, is "intentionally misleading" and "wrongfully infringes upon the economic value of Mr. Perry" -- a guy whose movies and plays have made well over $200 million. See, this is that -ish I'm talkin about... folks forgetting where they come from. But apparently, people close to the two are saying that they haven't hardly seen each other since they were kids. Yeah yeah yeah! And...? Anyways... on a side note... doesn't Tyler look a little "sweet" in this picture? I'm just sayin!

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